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Welcome to The Deep Blue C++

During my years as a software engineer, I have learnt quite a lot of things - and I keep learning every day. I learn from practice, discussions with workmates, reading... I especially learn from mistakes: code that doesn't do what I expect, code that doesn't do anything at all, code that does it but with some occasional crash or two... If you're a programmer, you know what I'm talking about.

What I've learnt has substantially changed the way I write code. In my first years as a programmer I tried to avoid mistakes, but I hadn't made enough of them yet to discover the best ways to prevent them. Now I know better. I know there are some things that bring you into trouble very quickly. Other things will silently wait for the worst moment - maybe months or years later, to come to the surface in the form of even more original problems. Disorganized code, uninitialized variables, pointer arithmetics, implicit casts, syntactic overloading, inheritance in which functio…